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Father's Day Gifts

May is running quickly toward June, and Father's Day is just a few weeks away!  Since I think dads are usually the hardest ones to shop for, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Fathers Day Gift Guide

1. A fun photo box with a big collection of favorite pictures  2. A grown-up backpack for work or play  3. A pretty mixing glass for perfect Manhattans  4. A warm pullover for cool spring evenings  5. A sweet, hand-painted card  6. A portable fire pit for parks, backyards, or campsites  7. A really delicious and special bottle of whiskey  8. A to-go cup for fresh cold brewed coffee  9. A cool, retro baseball cap  10. A baking steel for the best homemade pizza  11. A new step tracker for best intentions  12. Some fancy, delicious hot chocolate

Some gift ideas for Mother's Day

It's finally feeling like spring here in Minneapolis, the year is moving right along, and now Mother's Day is just a couple weeks away. A little gift inspiration for the mothers and honorary mothers in your life:

Mother's Day gift guide.jpg

1. A pretty potted plant (lasts so much longer than fresh flowers)  2. A bright, fold-over leather clutch  3. A new blanket for spring picnics and summer beach days  4. Fancy gold earrings  5. Fresh stripe-y pajamas  6. A sweet, floral letterpress card  7. A pretty teapot  8. Beautiful, hand-printed napkins  9. A lovely walnut cutting board (also great for serving cheese)  10. Special tea from France (in such pretty packaging)  11. Homemade brownies are always a winner  12. A great sculptural vase

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Gift Guide #3: Kids, Grandchildren, Nieces, Nephews

This is our last gift guide for the holidays - you can find the others here.  Happy gift shopping!

Christmas gift guide for kids

1. A beautiful wooden puzzle  2. Living room bowling (for the whole family!)  3. A kid-sized guitar to start their love of music early  4. A lovely picture book about kids around the world  5. The cutest backpack (available in so many colors!)  6. A sweet stuffed   7. An adorable winter hat, with whiskers and ears  8. A rainbow-full of colored pencils in a cute carrier  9. A pair of binoculars for their adventures  10. A poster-sized coloring page - the perfect project for cold winter days  11. Cute new pajamas  12. Adorable, bright city building blocks

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Gift Guide #2: Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends

This is our second gift guide of the week; you can check out the men's guide here. Tomorrow we'll have one last guide with some fun things for kids!

Christmas Gift Guide Women

1. A fun purse in a beautiful color (on sale!)  2. The best, warmest slippers  3. A sweet bud vase  4. A set of birthday cards for her to send all year  5. A book of the best travel guides for weekends away  6. A practical but cool leather backpack  7. The cutest hat to keep her warm all winter  8. A beautiful baking dish she'll use forever  9. A pair of the cutest blush tubes (I love these!)  10. A gift subscription to Bon Appetit (my favorite)  11. Sweet stacking rings  12. A beautiful tea towel to brighten the kitchen  13. Socks for Christmas are the best (especially these pretty ones)

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