favorite Birthday gifts for kids

Christmas is coming quickly! But we also have lots of young friends and family with fall and winter birthdays. Below are some of favorite options for younger kids by age. And if you’re getting a head start, these would be great ideas for Christmas as well. We’ve given most of these as gifts before, and they’ve always been a hit! Links are below the graphic….

Favorite kids birthday gifts

1. A sweet activity bear, with lots of fun things to grab and hold  2. Squigz (so great to attach to a tabletop!) 3. A truck that’s easy to grab for little hands 4. Wooden animal blocks (that are also a puzzle!) 5. A cute bunny stacking toy 6. A fun whale bath toy 7. A sweet plush monkey 8. Pretty, wooden magnetic blocks 9. Soft, felted hand puppets 10. A wonderful book to encourage art and creativity 11. A magnetic drawing tablet (easy to bring along) 12. Plush fruit, in a cute wire basket 13. An adorable night light for a cozy bedtime 14. A great balance bike, to help get ready for the big-kid version 15. A pair of binoculars, for hikes and adventures 16. A kid-sized ukelele (ready for family band) 17. Indoor bowling (really for the whole family) 18. A nature activity book with great illustrations

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